Being Women

Poem: I Am The Heroine Of My Life

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I was molested

I was raped

I was ridiculed

And even disgraced


Disgraced and traumatized

I was imprisoned and stigmatized

Even forced to commit suicide

But here I stand


Here I stand refuting all allegations

Here I voice my fight for victimization

Here I squabble claiming all my rights

Here I demand to not sympathize


Do not sympathize for I am a phoenix

I have the prowess to recuperate from ashes

I will not relinquish for I intend to revolutionize

I am not subservient to accede to sacrifice


I will not sacrifice in the name of feminism

I have the mettle to contest dogmatism

I have the wisdom to argue your dictum

For I am the heroine of my life and not the victim

Like Love Haha Wow Sad Angry
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