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Lost Love Move On
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Stood in the rain at the lonely hour ,

When they said it , I couldn’t hear at all ,

Just admiring your presence, for the time that left ,

With a smile on face and past ahead ;


The time I gave , the minute it took ,

Until you faded in the light ..

I stood their looking at crimson ,

Tears rolled down my clocky eyes ;

My feet won’t move, Can’t feel a thing ,

Stood there as the statue I was ,

Mind knew it had finished ,

But heart wasn’t ready to accept at all ;


A film played itself from the start ,

When we first met and how we depart ;

Thoughts of you won’t leave my mind ,

Flashbacks gonna haunt my entire life ;

The home we built together ,

The hearts that were put into it ;

How we promised to be by each other’s side ,

And there I was left alone to cry ;


Crying everyday , at every moment of my life ,

I could never leave you , even if you were gone ;


I feel it by my side , your hand on head ,

And that precious smile ;

Your soft whispers I hear in the night ,

Telling me to move on and re:start a new life ;

The pain I see in your eyes , to see me getting hurt and buried alive ,

I will live my life and face what the future lies ;

Cause I know you are there with me as a prime ,

From when we met to my death time.

[  Synopsis :
This poem talks about you and the person that you have lost (I talk about my girlfriend here). But it could be anyone you have lost .
How life shapes us, makes us more stronger inside, no matter how broken we are .
The times when tears expresses what we have lost ,
And how it feels hollow inside ;
Every goal, passion, the will to do … Leaves us .
Watching ourselves degrade and lost in time .
But remember, your partner is always there for you and still is . She will feel pain if she comes to know how weak I have become …
So, always keep that smile on your face , and learn from what you have experienced …
You are never alone … Just let them live in your heart forever . ]

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Like Love Haha Wow Sad Angry
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