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The Day We Met

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Her heart caught a sudden explosion,

As I passed by ,

Maybe I blushed too hard ,

And she couldn’t ignore .


Our eyes didn’t meet ,

Though the feet did their work ,

Stopped after a mile ,

And then she turned .

I was standing still , as if in a shock ,

What was that feeling in a 7 year old ,

Holding my heart as if in pain ,

Then looked behind, not in vain .


Her eyes were glittering ,

My present was lost ,

As she approached me,

I lost control .

Totally nervous , extremely shy ,

And she said ” hi “,

I kept staring , not a single word ,

She saw through me and gave up a nod .


I went speechless , what to say ;

Told myself , let’s begin ,

She caught my hand , I felt her warmth ;

Then she approached and posted a kiss on my cheeky wall ,

I froze as the butter on snow ,

Told me that I am sweet ,

And said goodbye ,

As she turned , the wind came by ;

I held her hand as she was about to leave ;

And landed a kiss on that buttery cheek .


She was as happy as me ;

I felt her connected as my wifi ;

Promised to be by her side ,

And then started my love life .

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