Thoughts Of A Building, Experiencing Its First Rain!

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I stood tall with pride in my newly attained facade.

I gleamed in glory whenever the sun shone on me and held my own when the fierce winds blew across.

Today when the first rain drops fell on me, a new emotion gushed through me. My pride and prestige starts to melt and my soul starts to dance. My concrete foundation shyly smiles and I let go of all that I was holding on to. The rain thickens and pours on me complimenting my edges and curves. I feel like a child being bathed by his mother.

The newly acquired thin layer of dust and bird dropping is washed away by the tender rain falling graciously. I want to dance but I quickly realize my movement brings great disaster. This thought tickles me and I chuckle. I stay still and smile with joy and peace.

And here I am still standing tall but bare having cleansed myself of all emotions.

Right now I only want to feel drenched.

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