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When Your Thoughts Start Cheating On You

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How are you going to describe your Love, if I ask you to describe it?

Do you trust her completely?

I’m Vibhav Sharma 21 years struggling writer. I have many troubles in my life but I feel lucky as I got the love of my life by my side. She loves me like I love her and we are really a perfect couple (at least that what I think).

Today it’s our 2 year anniversary. It’s been 2 years since we are together. But honestly, it doesn’t feel like it. Our love is still young and it still feels like that we just met yesterday. We are so in love, my dream of having a love story like they show in a movie or a fiction novel is finally completed.

Today, I made a dinner reservation at her favourite chinese restaurant. She loves spicy food and chinese cuisine is the only thing other than me that she loves. Though she is not completely free today as there is a month end party at her work and she has to attend it. This is the biggest problem to be in an HR Team, you have to attend all the parties and important functions. She’ll be free by 8 P.M. So we decided that I’ll pick her from her office and then we go to celebrate our special day.

And right now I’m in the parking of her office building, waiting for her. She is a little late and also not picking her phone. I don’t know what to do, should I walk to her office? But I have never been to her office before and the thing is I’m shy and not good with people at first. Yet I decided to go to her office. And now I’m standing at the front of her office door. I can see all the people partying some of them are dancing while some of them having a beer or a glass of rum in their hand. It’s a transparent glass door so I can see everyone but I’m not looking at anyone. My eyes are busy in searching for my love but I can’t find her anywhere. I’m a little worried now, her phone is also unreachable.

After a few seconds, she’s finally here, I can see her she’s coming toward the exit, though she didn’t see me yet. It’s good right, I can surprise her, Oh my, it’ll be so wonderful. But wait, why she stopped, and why she is holding the hand of that tall guy. He is her senior, but why is she laughing. I don’t like where it is heading. She is bending towards him, why they are acting like they have something in between them.

Is she cheating on me? Doesn’t she love me? There is no love between me and her? All these questions start to cover my brain when I see her kissing that other guy. I was standing helplessly at the front of that transparent glass door of her office. Tears are making their way on my face and suddenly I forget about everything and now all I see is her kissing that other guy and everything else is black out. She noticed me but she is not guilty. She is not even looking at me.

After seeing all this I can’t stand there and see her in someone else’s arms and kiss someone else, I start running and running. But suddenly her beautiful face came in front of my eyes and I stopped and start running in the opposite direction, in the direction that leads me to her. Even though I know she doesn’t love me. But I love her and I can’t live without her and I think I should hear her first. And now I’m again standing at the front of that transparent door of her office building.

And I suddenly woke up. It was just a horrible dream that I never want to be true. I look to my side and that beautiful face is still by my side, she also woke up. She holds my hand and says, “I love you, I’m not going anywhere”. That’s it, I don’t want anything else I just want her to understand me and tell me that she is not going anywhere.


Actually, the thing is that there are times in a relationship where you get confused and think for a second that what if she was really kissing that other guy at the party. But instantly discard the thought from your mind. As you know by the end of the day she is with you and the only guy she likes to kiss is you, you are the only other guy in her life and she is madly in love with you. And you trust her and know that she is never going to leave you.

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