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Unconditional And Never Ending Love For His Mother

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As I begin to start a real life story of a son named Aakash and his mother I want everyone to ponder on what is mentioned forth.

The unconditional love of a mother towards the child is nowhere else to be seen. Your mother too needs you, show her the same love. Just don’t be mean.

Let the story unfold…


A tall, muscular build Aakash, a software engineer by profession was earning well for himself.  But, he had an eye on to become an Army official.  His mother’s only desire was to see him dressed as an army man and serving for his country.  After two continuous attempts, and reaching until the final interview to become the army official, he failed both times. But he never gave up.

One fine evening he announced to his mother that he had cleared all the interview stages and will undergo one-year training so as to be ranked as Lieutenant.

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The happy mother felt proud and shared the good news with all the near and dear ones. She eagerly waited for her son to arrive but a mishappening turned their lives upside down.

Aakash was sent the news of her mother’s unexpected demise as she met with an accident.

Sorrow, pain, emptiness a rush of many such emotions took a toll on him, but still being the eldest son he remained composed and bid his mother final goodbyes.

Now that his mother is no more, he is living each day only to live his mother’s dream. ‘Love your mother because you won’t find another’.

In his words, “I owe my being, my existence to my mother.
Because she faced hardships, to make me victorious in life, a true conqueror.”

Now after 3 years of his mother demise, he is ranked as the captain. He is getting married, another biggest dream any mother has for her son, to see him dressed as a groom.

Aakash’s story explains us the true definition of Love.  The unconditional love of a mother with her son. And the latter who is living her dream because he lives by the philosophy, “The past is behind us, love is in front and all around us”.

He is full of gratitude while saying this, “For all that I am today in this life, is my mother’s deep hidden dream that now lives and breathe in my heart”.

Make everyday a celebration of Mother’s day.  And celebrate love with the one who loves you with all your flaws, caress you at odd and difficult times, is selfless and consider you always as her priority. Love her and live for her. Throughout your life, she is your friend, guide, and mentor…


“We all are guided by
Tedious lives.  Monotonous routine.
Take time to appreciate your mother.
Because she is selfless, beautiful and serene!”

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