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Valentine’s Un-love Poem

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“You stole my lunch”

“You’re sitting on my seat”

“You put chewing gum in my hair”

“Ma’am she is trying to cheat”


On their first date

They fought like a match

They argued where to eat

They argued which movie to watch


She found fault with his clothes

He didn’t like her friends

She hated how he always told her

How the movie or book ends

All through college they fought

Which class to attend, which to bunk

She liked Bollywood songs

He preferred electric funk


He became a police officer

He voted for BJP

She was a criminal lawyer

Voted the other party


She argued about their wedding card

Over the flower decoration he fought her

He liked her bridal dress

She loved the ring he bought her


“Sleep on your side of the bed”

“Put the toilet seat down”

“My mother warned me not to marry you”

“You spent so much money on a gown?”

His mother asked “You fight all day

Why did you marry her, my son?”

“Mother most people don’t get it

But fighting is our idea of fun!”

Like Love Haha Wow Sad Angry

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