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What Started Off As Friendship Is Now A Dream I Live Every Day

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My love story started off most of yours would have. We were colleagues that worked in the same NGO with different centers and it was an amazing experience.


We finished our training and were already teaching students in our respective centers almost in two corners of Delhi. It was a cold morning and it was pouring cats and dogs when I had to head back to the headquarters where I met this chap for the first time. I saw him come in drenched head to toe..thanks to the bike ride. He took off his shoes and came and sat right in front of me. Believe me, I was too focused on the meeting that we had when he with one of his friends kept on cracking the silliest of jokes. I laughed once or twice but had no conversation with him.


During the lunch break, we exchanged our first “hi” and that was it. The day came to an end and luckily I had to come to the headquarters for the next three days. We kept meeting but we hardly talked and finally, those 4 days came to an end. We didn’t see each other for the next 2 years after that. It was again a January morning when I was making some changes in the Facebook chat settings when I saw a “hi”. It took me some time to understand who it actually was from and when I did, I replied by a “hi”. It seemed that he was waiting for me to send that to him and he quickly responded saying “Finally you accepted the request”. I don’t know but that day, we talked the entire day about life, why I left that job, and things with small breaks including lunch and dinner.


Our conversations became really long for almost 3 weeks and that’s when he said that he really liked me and I blushed. It was the 17th February when he proposed to get married to me and I said, “Nope! That’s not possible because I am a Christian and you’re a Hindu baniya”..hehe!! That was really funny because I felt something deep in my heart but I knew that things weren’t too easy as my parents were already looking for a suitable groom.


We stopped talking for almost a week there and the next week he had the same thing to say. I told mom about it and she said, you should meet him once.

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“YES!! We hadn’t met even once during this time”…


Finally, we met and I fell in love with him. I could see in his eyes that he so wanted things to fall in place. We kissed and now I wanted to be his and his alone.

I told him that you can meet my mom and brother before I introduce you to my father and he agreed. Finally came the day when he dressed his best with the designer shoes and handsome outfits and the interrogation started with a lot of questions from my brother and Dev just kept answering them. As a result, they both loved him and accepted him.


We met his family then and the same happened with them asking the questions and me shyly answering them. God had been quite happy with what was going on and they approved of me.


Now, it was the time when I had to tell daddy about him and when that happened, I was scared.


When mom and I sat with daddy to tell him about Dev, things turned ugly and he stopped talking to me. A father who had never raised his voice on his daughter was actually mute for almost 3 months. He didn’t wish me on my birthday and forgot to mention me in his prayers. He was sad because he never thought I’d do something like this ever and he would ignore me every time I talked about this. It took time for him to let the news sink in and when he talked to me, he said, “I have three matches for you, choose between them and we’ll plan your wedding.”


I was numb but then mom and bhai helped me on that front. He agreed to meet him and when he did – he finally saw that Dev was a perfect match, more like the missing piece of the jigsaw puzzle that’ll not only keep me happy but will fit in the family really well.

Things were going well when the family met and the ‘shagun’ was given to me.




At a point, I broke off the wedding.


Things got ugly between the families and I actually took my family’s respect to a different level. I called Dev and told him never to call me back because I wasn’t his destiny.

I cried the entire night because I lost him and so was he crying.

He wanted to meet for the last time and I met him 7 in the morning before going to work. There, he hugged me so tight and told me that I will not lose you no matter what happens and I confided in him.


Sol, I call him that, is not a person who lets go of things easily and I was someone who he had made sure that he’ll spend the rest of his life with me. He arranged a meeting between the families and made sure things were back on track.


We got married in court and then the big fat Indian wedding reception happened. The haldi and mehndi ceremonies happened before the Blessing ceremony in the church and followed a reception.


It has been more than a year now that we got married and life looks like a dream every day. He just will be the story that God was patiently writing for me and he makes me look up to him every single day. I fall in love with him every day.


There was a short poem that I wrote for him. Here it goes:


You’re the bright morning sun for me that shines every day to be a new hope,

At the same time, you’re the most beautiful dream that I want to see all night which gives me a different scope.

You’re the one that builds up my motivation,

Your love is what leads me to satisfaction.

You came into my life when things turned grey,

I was at a crossroad with the feeling of being astray.

With all the love, support and concern that you show me every morning,

I want to stay in love and keep falling, falling and falling.


He’ll always be my Valentine – whether he wants to or not. 😛


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